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How A Trip To Your Local Day Spa Will Save You Money

August 20th, 2013 • Posted by Pure Salon • Permalink

Many people these days, especially in urban areas, always seem to be in a hurry. They want to do things quickly and reach their destination faster. Modern technology provides us with the means to get places quickly, do things simultaneously and stay connected to our friends at all times.

Unfortunately, doing so much all the time also can also cause a great deal of stress and often lead to anxiety. That’s why it is very important to allow yourself the time to relax and create a “digital detox,” as we like to call it.

Relaxation varies for everyone, depending mostly on personality. For some, reading, watching movies,or listening to classical music is exactly what helps calm their nerves. For others, quality “me” time might be spent receiving a massage at their neighborhood day spa.

What we’ve found is a day spa is, often times, the first thought for a stress relieving activity, but is often disregarded, assuming it’s out of the budget. But let’s take a step backward and look at the whole picture.

If your body is sore and your mind stricken with tension, then the cost of a visit to the spa is really minimal to help relieve that tension. In fact, stress has scientifically been proven to cause illness. The relief of stress is thus prevention of sickness and illness that could have you missing a week or more of work. When you consider the implications of medical bills, missing work and not feeling well, it’s easy to justify the importance of maintaining your health.

At Pure Salon Spa, our spa treatments are specifically meant to help clients achieve relaxation of the mind and body. To do this, we offer a wide range of full body massages, beauty and skin treatments, which include waxing, facials and nail services. These various treatments help ease our clients stress, feel healthy and look great!

No matter what your digital stress reliever activity may be, it’s important to take a step away from your busy lifestyle and make time to relax and relieve stress on a regular basis. Not only will this recharge your body and mind, but will return you to everyday life more productive than you left.

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Hair Styling Tips Before You Go To Bed

June 5th, 2013 • Posted by Pure Salon • Permalink

Many gentlemen might not understand this, but it takes, us, women a lot of time to get ready for the day in the morning. We have to wake up, pick out an outfit, do our makeup accordingly, and pick out matching shoes. All of this, in addition to normal morning activities such as showering, brushing our teeth, and eating breakfast.

We havenít even commented on the time it takes for us to do our hair. Styling hair in the morning can take the longest of everything in order to get ready for work or school. If only women could wake up without having excess tangles and other hair problems, getting ready for the day might not be as hard. In order to help ladies everywhere with their morning routine, we have assembled a few hairdo tips on how to protect your hair before you go to sleep.

Thorough Wash Before You Sleep

Often, after an exhausting day, you are eager to go straight to bed and completely skip showering. Avoid the temptation; get a refreshing bath instead, and wash your hair and scalp before hitting the sheets. Know that dirt buildup in your scalp can suffocate your follicles and lead to hair breakage. Moreover, sleeping with dirty hair can cause hair tangles in the morning.

Cover Your Hair

Treat your hair to the baggy method at night. Mix oil and conditioner, and spread this all over your dry or wet hair to moisturize. Then, cover your entire head, ponytail or bun with a shower cap, small plastic bag or plastic wrap, to seal in moisture. This preserves your hair length by preventing hair breakage due to dryness. 

Tie Your Locks

If you have long hair, it's good to tie it in a pony using a scrunchie (a soft hair tie that's covered with fabric). This prevents you from pulling your hair, which causes your hair loss. For extra long hair, tie near the nape and also near the tips. It's also better to use satin pillow cases to reduce overnight friction that dries the hair and causes it to break.

Our professional hair salon in San Diego offers several services that help care for your hair. Try the deep conditioning treatment to give your hair a healthy shine and keep it strong. A soothing scalp massage will improve oil circulation and encourage healthy hair growth. If everyday stress has been slowing you down, treat yourself to an aromatherapy massage to help you unwind and maintain your calm.  

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Tips for Keeping your Hair Moisturized This Summer

May 7th, 2013 • Posted by Pure Salon • Permalink

Women living in warmer-climate-cities, like the beautiful city of San Diego, sometimes complain that their hair starts to feel dry. Heat can definitely do that to hair and even though weíre not living in Arizona, in the summer time we can feel the difference of warmer temperatures. Without proper care, dry hair becomes prone to breakage, especially when exposed to frequent coloring and styling.

There are few salon hair treatments that can dramatically help restore vitality to dry and damaged hair. As surprising as it may sound, a soothing scalp massage encourages healthy hair growth as it improves circulation and eases stress. However, if youíre suffering from dry hair quite regularly and not just during the summer months, here are a few important facts you should know.

First, note that hair receives its natural moisture and gleam from sebum, a bodily-oil secreted by glands at the root of the hair. Leaving hair unwashed gives it a shiny look, and thatís because sebum is doing its job of keeping the strands lubricated. While oily hair can look unsightly or even filthy, subjecting it to frequent washing can eventually dry it out.

Extreme cases of dry hair are often accompanied by dry scalp conditions due to the lack of sebum. Dandruff and itching are also typical signs that the scalp lacks moisture. To nurse your dry scalp back to good health, apply warm almond or coconut oil and gently massage it on your scalp. This encourages improved circulation. Leave the oil overnight and rinse the following day with a gentle shampoo.

Some beauty experts advise against shampooing hair daily as it strips away sebum from the scalp. To counteract oiliness and odor, some women apply scented powders or hair refreshers that restore volume and shine in between washes. If you take showers everyday or even twice a day we would advise you use a mild conditioner.

If after changing your daily washing routine you still experience dry hair, itís time you visit a hair salon for some professional treatment. In the hands of an expert stylist, you can be sure the right product will have your hair feeling and looking healthy once more!

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